Giant Head for En Masse

Earlier this month I worked on a large sculpture with friend and collaborator Clement Yeh and Jason Botkin of En Masse

We spent four days assembling a face out of wood and wire and then covering it in plaster soaked burlap. 

It was used this past weekend at Montreal's Chromatic festival as a canvas for En Masse members to paint on. 

It will also be used at the Montreal Mural festival this June. 


Jour de la Terre Piñatas

In February I was asked to make some piñatas for the 2014 Jour de la Terre campaign. It was a job that needed to be done quickly, and as I already had several other contracts underway, I made them mostly in the AM hours. 

I maybe had worked with paper mache as a young child in school, but haven't touched it since. I knew that trying to learn how to make the forms asked of me with that process would be too much of a learning curve given the time contraints, so I went with what I knew best: carving it out of foam. The piñatas didn't need to actually be functional, so we were safe!

Full credits for the project can be found here. 

Here are some pics of the steps involved:





In December of last year I had briefly worked on a commercial spot for the French company Hermès. My contribution was a giant pink bird made out of lace. Montreal based fabricators Robocut had cut the shape out of plexiglass and I had wrapped the bird in strips of pink fabric:

Hermès Métamorphose from Vallée Duhamel on Vimeo.


And as with most projects these days, a wonderful 'making of' accompanies it:

Metamorphose Making-Of from Vallée Duhamel on Vimeo.



Behind the scenes of last year's WIXX 2 commercial

Some new videos recently were uploaded of some extra footage we took during the making of WIXX 2 filmed last summer. I present it to you here:

I also just wrapped up a commission of Muppet styled hand puppets that were created for a music video. I will leave you with one image but will profile them more in depth later on:


WIXX 2 and Alfred Dallaire Memoria

Back in June and July of last year I worked on a series of promotional videos for a company called WIXX that aims to motivate kids to exercise in creative ways. This was the second installment. The first was more summer themed and was created last winter, whereas this one was winter themed and created last summer. Both installments were directed by Greg Barth, whose projects I have worked on in the past. I was particularly happy to have worked on this series in that I was able to create a fun yeti costume that acted as one of the primary characters in the shorts. Have a look:

In October I had also worked briefly on an installation created by Moment Factory for a memorial dedicated to deceased funeral director Alfred Dallaire. MF created a fun 'making of' video of the installation's creation and launch: